Newborn photography in Essex

Liz Wood is an experienced and safe baby and newborn photographer specialising in gently posing sweet and precious newborn babies, sessions are baby led to ensure you as parents are relaxed and feel confident knowing you are getting beautiful portraits of your baby whilst they are comfortable and safe. Liz offers transparent pricing and there are no hidden extras. There is a huge collection of newborn props, hats, headbands, soft ethically sourced materials. Some families choose sweet and simple newborn images or combine composite images. Composites are anything where baby is in a prop and the more fantasy styled shoots, like the very popular Toy Story or Harry Potter newborn shoots. Composite is where a photograph is combined taking out safe hands holding baby in place, or placing baby from a safe position to look like they are in a basket or bed. Newborn safety is a priority and only safe newborn posing is offered.

Beautiful baby photos near you!

Liz Wood offers sessions in her home studio located near Sudbury, Suffolk, or frequently travels across Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge to undertake at home sessions. These sessions are handy if you aren’t located to the area which means no travelling with a new baby or more frequently if you’ve had a c section and are feeling sore or can’t drive. 

Newborn photoshoots – how they work

A newborn photosession can last 2-4 hours, this is to ensure your baby has time to feed and is content, every baby is different, and feeding patterns can take time to establish. What you don’t want is to sit watching your baby being moved around and unsettled and this is where experience in handling babies, and settling them comes in to play. Liz has photographed hundreds of babies over the years as well as being Mum to 3 of her own, and will reschedule a session in the rare event that baby is not settling at no cost. Upon booking your newborn portrait session, you are sent a link to an extensive gallery of baby photos where you can pick the type of images you like, if booked in advance props can also be ordered to create a truly bespoke experience. You are asked to fill in a questionnaire detailing your likes for colours, family photos and if you require sibling images, alongside receiving a contract detailing the service Liz will provide for you. An online private password protected gallery is sent to you and generally images are complete in 2-3 weeks. The majority of the work goes into the editing of your images.



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