Older baby photographer


Sitters, crawlers and bottom shufflers!

Babies are amazing to photograph at an age where they can sit, or lay on their tummy, their cheeky little grins, shy expressions, everything is a new experience and adventure, sets are built around your child or just natural images in the great outdoors or even lifestyle images at home. Their little faces change so quickly at this age. Some families choose to have a photoshoot every month or even every two to three months to capture all the changes. Once babies reach a year old they tend to change every 6 months or so. The first year of a babies development are some of the major changes you see and because it is also the most work for parents it’s so hard to forget all the milestones as you’re so busy tending to your new little person. 

What ages are best to photograph older babies?

As with all photography of newborns and older, babies develop at different times. Some one or two month olds are really strong and can be propped up on their elbows (safely of course with supports or hands in place when having their photos taken), when babies are starting to view the world around them and maybe have an older sibling and can see them being able to sit up, or walk some babies can be frustrated at laying down so as with baby led newborn photography, I strongly suggest your follow your older babies lead to decide, if you want some cute pictures of them sitting up, it’s worth getting it done before they’re crawling all over the place as they will get fed being placed back in position, but each shoot is tailored to you and your baby. I send out a questionnaire to ensure we know all about your little one before they come in to get the best from your photoshoot.


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Once your baby gets to a year old you may be thinking about having more than just portraits of them sitting or possibly standing, and want to have a bespoke cake smash, follow this link to my cake smash portfolio.