Beautiful styled photoshoot - exceptional child portraits in Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge

Finishing up all the super cute mini sessions. I’ve been so blessed this year to mainly photograph so many of the newborns I’ve photographed over the last few years, it’s truly an honour and pleasure seeing them growing up over the years. Their gorgeous little personalities. I think the families have been surprised at times even if the session hasn’t appeared to be full of smiles, just how many smiles are actually captured. The sets have been very tactile and immersive which is what I love. I truly love them walking into a snow filled room, making a huge mess blowing snow everywhere, and all the glitter and twinkle that Christmas brings. It’s always been important that I don’t just stick the children on a backdrop and tell them to smile. 

Christmas mini sessions the hot chocolate stand - Essex children's photographer Liz Wood
The hot chocolate stand from one of the mini sessions. 

Set building is always fun the hot chocolate stand snow filled photoshoot

The children even got to have chocolate milk and cookies, and played snowball tennis with a giant twinkly lolly pop!


Beautiful styled children's photoshoots in Sudbury Suffolk