My first blog…..
…..Spring is most definitely in the air, and whilst I should be out capturing all the moments, I am inside putting the finishing touches to my beautiful and well equipped home studio. (Albeit very slowly). I’ve been stocking up on hats, headbands, props, backdrops, and of course had training in safely posing newborn babies. One thing is for sure, I’m determined to start moving more into photographing what makes my heart sing, and that is children, babies and young families starting out on their own journeys.

I am my worst critic, I live, sleep, eat and breathe photography, it is my passion.
Starting my training with a wedding photographer, portraits quickly became my passion and for the last 17 years, I have worked capturing babies, children and families (the odd animal thrown in) I am more inspired than I have ever been, technology has moved forward so much, and I love being able to tweak each individual photo, and make everything unique and beautiful.
Having 3 children that I dote on, I realise just how important that moment in time is – capturing that smile, tear, frown or that cheeky glimmer in there eye. This is what I do and this is what I absolutely love.