New website – Suffolk & Essex baby, family & child photographer

I’m just starting to go through my original blog posts and this must be when I first took out my original website! Who would have thought many years on I would be crying tears over my newest website! It’s nice taking a look back at just how times have changed, many of my photos from 2012 still grace my portfolio. I have to say my newborn photography has drastically improved!

I’ve taken the tough decision to move to showcase myself by making the move to a new website, whilst you could clearly see all my beautiful photographs on my old site, you didn’t really get to know me very well. My blog post really wasn’t being utilised or shown, and I feel it’s so important for families considering using my photographic services to know me before choosing to use me. I’m quite reclusive really, and like to keep myself to myself. Even last year or the year before when I was awarded a Point of Light Award for my voluntary work, I chose not to do a massive post as it seemed a bit show offey in a way. But all the little things I do make me quite a unique photographer, and I guess it also is part of the reason my clients seem to really like me too!

It will take a little while to get everything in place but if you need to drop me a line if there is something you can’t find please do!