Suffolk & Essex child & baby photographer – my journey – what makes me tick

I’m very lucky or incredibly stubborn I can’t work out which it is! To have fallen into the job that I love. It really is a tough environment being a child and baby photographer, especially being able to specialise in the things that you love. Too often photographers end up having to do a bit of everything, and really you need to be photographing the stuff that makes your heart sing if you want to be a creative photographer. These are mine! I love them with all my heart and they inspire me to be better each and every day. I came from a horrible and miserable childhood and I guess that made me quite determined to make sure my children were happy. Childhood should be magical, life is very short and ultimately the most important thing any of us will ever have whether we are rich or poor is our lovely families. I treasure mine.

My youngest little crazy person we have the most amazing bond and at the moment she’ll happy entertain my crazy idea although I do expect she enjoys at least some of them!

Photography for families is a very personal choice, you should relaxed and comfortable with your photographer, I am very down to earth and friendly. Most importantly I’ve been photographing families across Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge and London for 24 years. I know what makes children tick, I also know the things families don’t like about photo shoots, I aim to make each photo shoot fun, and friendly, so you walk away having enjoyed a luxury photography experience. And your children feel like they’ve made a fun friend rather than a lady just snapping away as quickly as possible with her camera!

The two younger crazies. They have such an amazing bond.