Although for the vast majority of my work I specialise in newborn photography. My other love is outdoor styled and themed sessions. I’ve had to admit defeat on the great outdoors many times, as beautifully dressed children don’t always mix with British weather and mud! So I am not introducing beautifully styled sessions taken indoors with light and airy backdrops (like my new flower swing themed days). These are just so lovely. Glitter sessions are perfect if your child likes twirling, all things sparkly, blowing glitter and looking pretty. I’ve been building up my wardrobe and do have a range of dresses and headbands and halos. These sessions suit slightly older than toddler children. And are perfect as a different type of session as the children become involved in blowing glitter and feeling gold flakes land on them and making a mess – so even though the sessions are cute and sparkly. It also gives even those self conscious children something else to think about making for perfect photographs. To see more of my portfolio please PORTFOLIO

The sessions are studio based, and some of the glitter effects are added in afterwards alongside the careful and creative editing to make a beautiful and enchanting fine art collection to pick your images from.

These sessions really are perfect for girls big and small or boys who love to sit blowing glitter and sparkles.