Beautiful little Miss Harper-May came to visit, isn’t she just the cutest baby?

People often ask when is the best time for a newborn shoot and you’ll frequently hear us photographers say that under two weeks of age is the optimum age for a photoshoot. Babies really are all different, I’ve had 5 week old babies in the studio who literally sleep like a dream and then a 10 day old that is cluster feeding. So just get in touch if you still want newborn photography but feel you may have missed your chance as your little one is older. I always reshoot if I feel a baby is really unsettled. We never have screaming babies in the studio, it’s not fun for them or for you the parent to watch your baby being upset. The one thing I ask if that parents trust in me to read their baby and utilise my years of experience in soothing new little babies, and settling them into a content sleep that makes your newborn shoot a really positive experience. So many parents now use Doulas, birth coaches, hypno birthing, the list goes on, you should expect the same from your newborn shoot, I may not be the cheapest newborn photographer, however I do have so many years experience and training and handling little ones you can rest assured you will have the most amazing artwork of your baby after your newborn shoot with me. My studio is located in Polstead in a wonderful setting with fields and woods to the side and back of my home studio. Plenty of parking, and a very warm welcome into the studio.