Oh wow, this was a labour of love! I was a year in the planning and the set was created completely by me. Wonderful PROPS FOR TOGS printed up the backdrop design. I was not entirely sure if it would be popular, there are already fairy shoots in other studios in Suffolk, Essex and across the Country, so I wanted to put my own spin on them and make them unique to me. Even the little humpback bridge is handmade. I wasn’t sure at first if it met my expectations but after the first mad rush of sessions, and editing the images, I fell in love with these styled and very pretty photoshoots. As you can see, it was also used for boys and families. I’m so happy with how they turned out.

The wings also were handmade by me and each set are unique, halos and crowns by my favourite KITTYS BOUTIQUE STYLED SESSION PROPS.

Even Shimmer the Unicorn made an appearance, honestly the children’s faces were magical to behold. With the younger children if the wings were distracting to them. They were photoshopped in afterwards, it really did depend on the child. As you can see the boys loved the set too, we just didn’t do wings.

I really think we all could do with a little bit more magic.
The set is quite big so all the fairy shoots have been shot at my home studio on the Suffolk and Essex border.
FAIRY TALE PHOTOGRAPHY PROPS made all the awesome knitwear you can see.
What really surprised me was the older children who really enjoyed the fairy experience too. I’m passionate about childhood being as magical as possible. 
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Thank you to all the wonderful families that came to visit me over the lead up to Christmas, my next blog post will be how I built the flower hoop and little humpback bridge!