Helpful hints to pick the perfect newborn photographer for you.

At last your long awaited baby is due or already been born and you are now on the search for the best newborn photography you can find, capturing those precious first moments with a newborn is such a special moment as they change so so quickly, and life speeds up once baby comes along. The trouble is there are so many photographers out there taking baby photos it can be confusing and often just resort down to money, or recommendations. So how do you know which photographer will be right for you.


They look so cute all those squishy curled up poses, but it can takes years of training and practice to achieve consistent and safe posing. Check your photographer is trained in posing babies, and that they are insured. There will be a price difference in an experienced photographer offering a newborn shoot to someone just starting out and making a name for themself. A good photographer will be happy to answer questions about baby safety during a photoshoot. A specialist newborn photographer will never pose baby in a prop or leave your new baby propped up without a hand safely in place or hovering near. So do ask questions about this, and if you are on a shoot and don’t feel something is safe then say so. 


You already have an idea of the type of photographs you want, some people love simple natural photography at home this is called lifestyle photography if you’re going for natural shots with baby in your arms or snoozing in their cot. There is the more posed type of photography where baby is posed, this can be done at your home if you find a mobile newborn photographer or in studio. It’s worth thinking about travelling time and if you are too far, asking your chosen photographer if they would be prepared to travel, and if they are will that affect the images you would like to be taken. Some photographers if they have lots of experience photographing in different situations may be able to offer different styles in the same session.


These images were taken in my studio. With baby in props, they either were safely placed in a prop and spotted so they were unable to fall out or come to harm, or were photographed on a huge beanbag and safely positioned, then composited into the prop. Images can vary from simple posed images through to the more elaborate props including the Harry Potter or fairy type newborn photographs. Not every photographer will offer all these different types of images so it’s worth looking through different photographers portfolios to see what is available and if this suits your style and vision for your newborn shoot.

Plain simple newborn shoots on white

I took these images all on my white backlit wall. Families are often surprised as they think it’s a giant window but I had this wall specially built and use it for these gorgeous simple newborn shoots. Anyone coming into my studio can vary their images to have a mixture of posed, props and simple white or just backlit shoots.


I guess unless you’re a photographer you may call these at home shoots, this style of photography is known as lifestyle, and is taken in the comfort of your home. Often using natural lighting. Newborns can be photographed in their baby grows or during your daytime routine of feeding, bathing e.t.c. As I’ve been photographing for so many years, I sometimes offer posed and prop shots like in the studio combined with lifestyle home newborn shoots. Once again when you’re looking for your perfect newborn photographer you need to know the styles of photography you like, and look through your favourite photographers portfolio to see if they offer the type of photography you want for your newborn session.