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I’ve been wanting to do my own take on a Harry Potter newborn shoot – there are so many elements to Harry Potter I wanted to create something magical. Props are a bit of an issue in the Uk, and so of course my go to incredibly talented felted prop maker loved my idea and created me something extremely special – PUDDY PAD DESIGNS, the only issue is the waiting for it to arrive from America. This young lady was my model for the day, so technically it’s more a Harriet Potter! But we’ll just make pretend it’s Harry for now. This beautiful little baby was very unsettled on the day. I couldn’t get her into the position I wanted and so I had to rethink slightly how I wanted to create this image. My inspiration was the enchanted dinner hall from Hogwarts with the magical night sky, I was going for floating candles but I feel they took away your eye being pulled to this gorgeous baby, and ultimately, an image should be about that gorgeous little face so I placed the candles on the floor. This shoot took about 12 hours to edit, as there were so many elements I pulled together to make it work, but I think I’m a little bit in love with this gorgeous image.

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