Gorgeous little Gracie last saw me at just over 6 months, and she has changed so much in the short period of time since I last saw her. We went for a really pretty girly theme, although I do personalise each and every cake smash, I live on the Suffolk, Essex border and so am in easy reach of London, Cambridge as well as right across Essex and Suffolk. Cake smashes are a bit of an American thing! But they are really becoming popular in the UK. I love seeing the children growing up, and a cake smash isn’t just a photo shoot, it’s a bit of messy play, it’s that look when they’re allowed to dive in and they mainly look at their parent to see if they are allowed and then get a massive grin on their face! Not all children like cake or getting messy, so sometimes paint can be used instead, I do encourage parents to give their child a cupcake beforehand and let them get messy as this helps when they come to the shoot. I use a professional cake maker, that is really reliable, makes the tastiest and prettiest cakes, and has most importantly a 5* rating for hygiene. She can cater for allergies, it is so important to know children won’t get ill from something which should be fun.
This is the link to Little Barn Cakes if you would like to check out her incredible work:- Little Barn Cakes.



 Look at that face! Says it all, I know sugar is bad, but this is a one off, they don’t eat all the cake, and Deb’s who makes the cakes really does use high quality ingredients.


 Cake smash sessions usually have normal images beforehand i.e. child in an outfit, maybe parent and sibling shots, they tend to have a shorter attention span at this age so shoots usually take 45 minutes to an hour. I’m very good at reading when a child is ready to move onto the next part, which is the gooey cake (they smell so fabulous I wish I had smellavision for you). We finish off with a splash and clean up usually in my mini rolltop bath, or I also have a rustic antique tin bath as I have had the odd cowboy cake smash, Gracie clearly is a princess and needed a girly pink flowery cake smash. I put a lot of effort into ensuring each cake smash is slightly different.
 I send my full price list out to parents before booking in cake smashes, I can’t compete with photographers who make their own cakes, I really am safety conscious, I do try to keep my prices so they are affordable. Splash sessions are available as mini sessions as are just plain one year mini sessions. Obviously the full blown cake smash takes planning, different props, and a cake included. Plus all the editing afterwards. But they are worth it!
 The cuteness overload is just too much!


If you would like further information on any session or to check out my work my main website is Liz Wood main website my new website which should be up and running hopefully by the end of June – mid July is http://www.lizwoodphotography.com