Newborn photography Colchester beautiful baby D curled up in a bowl


I met this gorgeous little girl just before Christmas for her beautiful newborn shoot, her families tastes were quite neutral natural looking newborn photography, her family had an at home photoshoot as Mum was feeling a little sore still.

I try to make my shoots run as smoothly as possible and plan the session beforehand, most sessions now are either totally simple posed on the giant beanbag and I have different colour blankets to transition baby from pose to pose, similarly when a family want props it’s usually a mixture of digital backdrops and props and I do the same posing flow to make the shoot as comfortable for the little baby, even though as photographers we try to photograph babies when they’re super sleepy and curly from birth because we want babies to be comfortable and happy, but I’ve found is parents want lots of prop shots moving babies from one prop to another is disruptive to their sleep and so I use the same flow method of posing to ensure the shoot takes as little time as possible whilst getting the very best photos of precious little babies, and still letting the parent have that experience of watching their gorgeous new little baby and just how perfect and precious they are.