Links to my favourite vendors and suggestions for upcoming shoots!

Newborn photographers favourite headband maker

The halo was made by Wild Thistle Props click on this link.

This beautiful little Essex Newborn baby girl came to me for her photos just before Christmas, I know it’s only August but Christmas is always planned way ahead of time. This little set up is possibly my most favourite ever studio set up at Christmas for the newborns. I love this feathery beaded halo and have it in a larger size in case there is an older sister to photograph with a new little baby! This year I’m planning on having a starry night set up with the sleigh, I truly am obsessed with Christmas and just how magical it is for children.



My favourite prop and newborn outfit sellers

I’m often asked where I seek my inspiration on by other photographers and where props came from so I thought I’d just do a blog post and also to gauge what my clients would really like to see in the future!
This beautiful little baby dressed as a rabbit (all the photos were taken in the same session) is wearing an outfit made by Fairytale Photography Props The curved posing stool from my go to prop designer Props for Togs these are all my most used props. I’d love to hear from anyone with ideas of what they’d like for their upcoming newborn shoots if it’s something I don’t have!

This beautiful dark wood bed is one of my most frquently used props and comes from the incredibly talented Pedzlem Malowane I’ve got a really beautiful little green step ladder from Pedzlem too that I’ve been meaning to use for outdoor shoots. One thing with props with these and in fact anything where a baby is perched on or in something is baby safety. It would be seriously easy for a baby to startle and fall – no photo in the world is worth risking a precious little baby, so hands are always in place on any of my photos and then moved and edited out. Just in case you are a new photographer, either don’t put babies on props or learn to edit out hands. Ultimately, baby safety should be an absolute priority! The hat is Fairytale Photography Props the link is above. Bear ear hats are so popular in newborn photography at the moment! Again I’d love to hear from anyone about any other animals they would like me to get in, in time for their shoots.

Below the Elf and upcycled outfit (blue & white jumper) are from Fairytale Photography props. You can see I use this dark wood drop all the time. (Baby was not on the shelf but laying on her back on the floor and was safe).

I have a massive collection of teeny tiny teddy bears and they all come from the Isle of Wight pretty much from a little shop in Shanklin and cost anywhere from £40 up to about £60 but they are jointed and fit so perfectly into little newborn arms. I think the light as well shines into their glossy little eyes and helps to bring the little bears alive. The big bears I use are Silver Tag bears and worth shopping on the internet as they are quite pricey. A general rule when shopping for newborn props is if your elbow to hand fit, a baby should fit. However safety again when undertaking shoots should be a massive priority.

Unicorns and fairies have been so popular this year, so I think I probably need to add some little cuddly toy fairies into the mix for the girls. Please let me know if you can think up any ideas!

Lastly my most used prop and it was worth every single penny, the beautifully rustic bowl from The Original Photoblock Props I actually don’t use as many props now but I do use this one all the time. I feel wooden products are just more organic.