Baby Noah was wide awake for most of his session! He even came in the recommended time at under 14 days new. Newborn photography can be challenging at times, we still managed to get the most beautiful images. Liz Wood offers baby photography in Essex and Suffolk.

Essex baby photographer - sweet awake head shot of baby Noah.

Baby curled up in his Mum and Dad's arms - Essex baby photographer

Curled in his parents arms – baby photos in Essex. Sometimes you have to change posing a little when they won’t sleep but those eyes, and those super cute little baby toes.

Baby boy laying on cream backdrop in a bear ear hat - Essex baby photographer

Sweet little Noah wearing a bear ear hat. I told you he was wide awake! Just the most precious little newborn though, he lay curled up on his tummy perfectly content looking around.

Sweet little baby Noah - baby photographer in Essex

Wide awake newborn photos! He really did make me work for his photos. Breastfed babies can be a little more unsettled when it comes to posed newborn photography. But each session is baby led, so there is always plenty more time for the trickier newborn. Babies are never left crying or uncomfortable, it would be distressing to the parents and just isn’t worth it, so we let the little boob monster feed until he eventually dropped off to sleep! But wide awake babies do make for some beautiful photos. I love this photo of him curled up safely in his parents arms. This was posed on the beanbag, babies are never suspended in the air. He has the most beautiful eyes, I always find it amazing at just how quickly their looks can change in just a couple of weeks at this age.

The cute little bear hat is made from Angora but was ethically sourced so no rabbits were harmed in the gathering of their precious fur. Mary’s Facebook page for her photographer hats. 

Black and white baby photos - Newborn photographer Essex

This beautiful bowl is wooden and filled with the softest Alpaca fur made by a local company. The Alpaca is sourced from Hilly Ridge Alpaca’s which are literally a 5 minute drive down the road from me and the clever Lianne from Fairy Tale Photography Props makes the fleece into these wonderfully soft little rugs for the babies to sleep on.