This isn’t going to be the best tutorial as my imac suddenly decided to lose sound. I’ve uploaded the video to YouTube the link is HERE! It’s not the best compositing tutorial as it seems to lose sound at the point where we go into layer mask but if you roughly know what you are doing you can follow along. I will redo the video at some point if there is interest. I have uploaded the file to dropbox for the basket with flowers. The link for the digital backdrop that is totally free is FREEBIES HERE! I will add the odd action and tutorial and digital drop to the Dropbox folder so it’s worth bookmarking.

This shoot went like a dream, and Mum and Dad decided to add some more images in whilst they were here. The look they chose the basket was set up with a Christmas theme, so I reshot it, as baby was dressed in this gorgeous beige outfit from Kittys Boutique. Sadly it didn’t match the theme, so I reshot the basket with some pink flowers and tied the colours in.

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