Suffolk & Essex newborn baby & child photographer – review Sleek Lens Actions

I started off dubiously if I’m totally honest. I’ve spent hundreds on actions, and aside from one set I use an awful lot in my newborn work, I’ve moved across to hand editing, and so gingerly I started trying out the Sleek Lens set of actions. And then I realised actually they were quite an amazing set of actions, and decided to properly do a review with some of the recipes I used, I originally edited another version of the lilac dress picture by hand, and when I really got to work on this one with the Sleek Lens set, it had an infinite amount more wow with these actions, and so I’ve spent a bit more time playing with them – and honestly I love them! I’m off to buy the lightroom presets next! I love the depth and light and colour it’s brought to my work!

Child Photographer Essex – Outdoor golden hour child photography with Sleek Lens Actions

This is a little before and after shooting in just natural light and no reflector as I lent mine out, it did need a little bit of work.

I used frequency and separation “From a Candy Store” and Light Glow Warmth, soft warm, to give it a bit more of a spark. Base from Cloudy Days turned to 38%, sharpen turned up to 82% and temperature from this base set turned up to 89%. I then wanted to mute the greens/yellows as your eye was so drawn to them, using the Colour Correction – Reduce Greens painted onto the grass and really bright areas. Honey skin brushed on at 35%, and then Fast Retouch from the portrait set of actions with a 15% brush. Then in the tone enhancements I ran Velvet Ink which I LOVE! And inverted the action (CMD I on a mac) and painted into the dress, the halo and the lighter greens. I used Whisperer at 34%, Summer Love 14% just brushed onto the skin. Lastly running Light Glow Blue Ice scaled to 20% just peeking from those back trees – quite simply I love this and it will be gracing my wall in a giant metallic aluminium print.


Fairy photoshoot Essex & Suffolk before and after

This was towards the end of a fairy photoshoot and when you’re working with little ones sometimes at the end of a shoot you need to work quickly, it’s a touch soft and out of frame, usually this type of shot I’d just bin, but I love her little face. The recipe I used for this is Bright and Supple on a duplicate layer. Base from Cloudy Days turning up the temperature, Portrait Retouch Honey Skin Bursh, Brighten Eyes. The frequency separation action (poor little one had some nasty chicken pox scars and Mum and I discussed editing them out). Velvet Ink again which I love. And the Blue Ice Light Glow on the wand to create a little bit of magic, this particular photo was salvaged using these actions, and I know her Mummy will absolutely love it.

Fairy photoshoot – Suffolk & Essex children’s photography

The Sleek Lens Actions used in this were Temperature Warmer, Base from Cloudy Days turned down a fraction but darken turned up and masked off of the skin. Colour correction reduced greens, Romantic Dance Enhancement painted onto the skin, I ran Sunny Glow and transformed it to fit into the gap where the light was naturally filtering through. From a Candy Store inverted and painted in and Paint Effect just ran on the background, subtle but beautiful changes to add that little bit of fairy magic.

Child Fairy Photographer

As you can see it really makes a world of difference and just gives the photo the pop it needed.

Suffolk & Essex Newborn Baby Photographer – before and after images

This is a very subtle edit, less is more when it comes to those gorgeous baby skins, I used Sleek Lens Frequency Separation and just a touch of Romantic Dance Enhancement, with a little bit of sharpening to the eyes from the portrait set.

Child, family, baby photography in Essex & Suffolk

For this I used Bright Sunny Base from the Sleek Lens collection of actions, I lent out my reflector a while ago and had to make do in quite harsh backlighting the subject is a touch underexposed. I upped the midtones to 62%, and contrast to 50%, colour to just 5% and warmth to 20%. Then ran Cream Light Glow masked off of the subjects, Portrait Retouch Honey Skin Brush, a touch of Desaturated Skin to remove some of the colour casts from the yellow foliage. Glossy Lips, and Colour Enhancement – Velvet Ink brushed off of their skin and fur.

I absolutely am won over by these actions and looking forward to purchasing the lightroom presets – Sleek Lens you’ve helped give my images that little bit more magic SLEEK LENS