Baby laying on peach flower fabric and composite image on flower wreath in lilac

Newborn shoot flower bed

Essex baby girl newborn photographer

Doing composite work with newborn shoots means you can create a hugely varied gallery, without repeatedly moving the baby around, which makes for a much more relaxed session. Even though I still do some prop work in my sessions, I much prefer how stress free these sessions are – it just means a little more work goes into the editing, but I always spent a long time editing anyway.

Collage of gorgeous baby photos

As we are now more than halfway towards Christmas it was also a superb excuse to throw a Christmas image into the mix. How cute to be able to send a Christmas card out to all your family and friends with a gorgeous picture of your little newborn on a Christmas set up.

This beautiful little newborns family decided to search out a specialist newborn photographer, Mummy loved certain styles and I’m delighted her family absolutely love her images, and the gorgeous canvasses they ordered. A huge amount of time goes into editing the images to produce a consistent set of images in my own unique style. I guess I’m a bit like Marmite you either love or hate my style. I’m quite lucky that the clients that use me tend to absolutely love my work, and I usually can get a little creative with each newborn shoot. So each family have the most bespoke gallery, it’s not a mass production line, I really do put my heart and soul into each session.

Each family will really have their own ideas on what they love, some clients go for a simple session of beautiful images just concentrating on their gorgeous new baby. After all there really isn’t anything more perfect than a gorgeous new little newborn without the use of any buckets or props. I send a questionnaire out beforehand to find out what families really love to ensure my photographs fit their style. My product range encompasses a well priced photoshoot and in most instances artwork and digital images. If you’re looking for beautiful newborn photos in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge or London, please do shoot me an email and I can send my details out to you.