For those that follow my Facebook page, to watch the video slideshow click here Video Slideshow in high resolution, you will know my youngest has a bit of a thing for Elf on the Shelf, I desperately wanted to do a series of images in 2014 but couldn’t source an outfit in time, and this year managed to order two from a wonderful lady in South Africa (link to her page is here Crafty Stuff Baby Props). So they turned up last Friday and not having a clue as to when they would arrive from across the World, I appealed for some little models, and literally photographed children from Monday until Wednesday so it’s been a huge huge rush to get this finished for Christmas Eve! My poor family were very supportive in yet another mad rush to fulfil one of my crazy ideas. But I love how they turned out considering the rush!

Can’t wait to use them some more next year too. Thank you to all my wonderful clients past and present for your continued support this year, the encouragement from them, and friendships I have formed with the families that choose to use me to create their memories are truly wonderful. I do know how very blessed I am to have worked with so many wonderful families, this year started off with an amazing Rainbow baby, and the gorgeous Jamie at 10 weeks that we still managed to get newborn type photo’s. And the rest of the year has been quite literally a whirlwind.
But for now enjoy the wonderful little children and baby that helped to create my Elf on the Shelf themed shoots! All little superstars, and all probably wondering who the crazy lady was that their parents took them to be photographed by. Thank you parents! 
Twas the night before Christmas!
When all through the house not a creature was stirring.
Except those little Elves on Shelves!
From my family to you all x