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The wonderful world of newborn photography now seems to be moving into more composites! Is a composite cheating? Not at all. It suddenly gives you the advantage of endless props and colours. And the best bit is that it means when I do composite images, I don’t have to pull baby around, and get them in and out of things, which means safer and less stressful shoots for babies and of course Mum’s and Dad’s! Of course sometimes there is a place still for putting baby into a prop safely, when there are siblings. My Harry Potter image the composite was actually my own creation and took around 12 hours (kicking myself I didn’t save the background as a layer so at some point I’m going to have to recreate it.

This gorgeous little lady was not a good sleeper and pulling her around just made her upset, I’ve actually managed to create a beautiful and artistic and varied gallery by compositing baby onto the digital backdrop.