Photography sessions at Liz Wood Photography

I am currently working on a risk assessment for the studio and outdoor location work, whilst adhering to and going above and beyond the Government guidelines. In future all sessions you will be required to adhere to the studio guidelines, this is to protect all of the families that I work with.

  • Social distancing – My dedicated home studio, has a large driveway with ample parking, you will not come into contact with other people leaving your vehicle. Instructions will be given to each family upon parking which means you will enter the studio – via the front door where you will be required to place shoe covers which will be provided to you, the hall, toilet to your left and studio will be thoroughly deep cleaned before you arrive, the toilet to the left has had all soft furnishing removed including towels. There you will be able to wash your hands using the non touch anti bacterial soap dispenser and paper towel to dry your hands after placing shoe covers on your shoes. You can then enter into the studio at the end where you will be photographed. Seating will be provided in your area of the studio.
  • All soft furnishing have been removed from the studio, the sofa will be disinfected before any session, this sofa is only used for shoots. At least 3 days between sessions will also come into force. I have amazing long lenses which ensure I can safely distance well over the 2 metre rule from you. All headbands or fabrics, backdrops used during shoots not only with the 3 day gaps ensuring safety, will also be disinfected between clients. I will now ask for you to pick a package and we will strictly work to that package to ensure you are in and out as quickly as possible. The same fabrics will be used as much as possible and I will spend more time in Photoshop editing to produce the images you want, but with less time spent in the studio for you. I will ask for more assistance from families with newborns to ensure I can socially distance. All shoots will have their usual planning session beforehand and I can discuss any limitations with the current situation and how it would affect what you wanted before you ever book with me so you can rest assured you will not walk away disappointed.
  • I wear gloves and mask out anywhere I go at the moment, I change gloves frequently between anywhere I go out, and use hand sanitiser and wash my hands frequently. I will be wearing a mask and surgical gloves during your shoot, and you are welcome to use the surgical gloves I have in stock. If the weather is warm, I will also ensure the windows and door are open. Where possible if we can work outside we will also do this if it works for the photo. I have a large garden, and live in a beautiful village. Location photography is able to be undertaken at a distance in the fresh air.
  • I will not undertake a shoot if I am ill or have been in contact with anyone that is ill. I ask that you cancel your session and we will reschedule if you have any even minor symptoms which could be Covid-19.

Child Photographer Fordham Essex gorgeous outdoors photoshoots

  • Client toilet guaranteed to be disinfected and just for your use on the day of the shoot.
  • Client toilet has hand washing facilities, automatic soap dispenser, antibacterial soap and paper towels with a visual guide for washing hands.
  • Antibacterial gel will be provided in various locations.
  • Entry to the studio will be disinfected including floors, shoes covers will be required upon entrance, then hand washing.
  • At least 3-5 days between any studio shoot.
  • Photoshopping will take priority over posing to get the images you require.
  • Photographer in mask, apron, and gloves, camera disinfected.
  • All props not only having 3-5 days between shoots and this includes headbands, teddies, clothing e.t.c. if it can’t be washed it will be disinfected.
  • Fully insured! This means if my studio doesn’t follow at the very least the Government guidelines, my insurance would not pay out, another guarantee that I will meet all expectations at the very least set out by the UK Government.
  • I do not need to come near you and can observe easily a 2-3 metre rule using parents to position their own baby/child.
  • Beanbag and fabrics all disinfected in the studio including flooring, sofa, and all props used.
  • Drinks or snacks must be brought in to the studio yourself.
  • Outdoor clothing i.e. coats must be left in your car.
  • Questionnaire to be answered the day before your shoot to check you and I are in tip top health, as always if any worries, the shoot will be postponed at no charge to ensure we are all safe.