Safety update Ipswich Newborn Photographer

Studio policy concerning photographing newborns, babies and children

After reading various articles on the spread of Covid-19, during newborn shoots and child photoshoots, the studio is disinfected before every photoshoot anyway. Babies photographed on the beanbag are always on freshly laundered fabrics, and the use of antibacterial gels, antibacterial cleaners have always been used. I have now purchased face masks with the filters for when working in close proximity with newborns on top of the precautions I take. Luckily my business model means I have a rural home studio and I do not have to have high volumes coming through the studio, and I can take my time to edit, so all posed shots within props means that wool fabrics and things that can’t be washed at a good temperature with antibacterial products are not used in the studio, and composites will be undertaken to minimise the chance of spread. I ask that all clients that are unwell, reschedule their session I would rather spend my time on a longer session or two in the future to ensure all the little precious people I photograph are kept safe and well. If you have travelled to a Country where the disease is prevalent, I ask that we leave at least two weeks after you have returned and that you are well. I will be updating my contract and questionnaire to cover the requirements of my studio. As per my contract I will reschedule sessions at no charge, and if I were to become ill.  Again sessions can be rescheduled  – or I already offer a refund of your shoot fee as baby safety is of the utmost importance.. So you can rest assured the studio which was already hot on cleanliness and safety, safety will not be compromised for the sake of revenue.