This gorgeous little boy from my run of boys and their recent newborn shoots. Mum really wanted frog pose! Frog pose is one of the harder positions to achieve with a baby, and this shot is a composite, Mum’s hands were photoshopped out, at no time was baby propped up unsupported.

Smile! Absolute perfection when the baby joins in with the happy family grins! Even if it is wind! Or maybe he just knows how much his Mummy and Daddy loves him! His Grandparents were over from abroad and enjoyed watching this gorgeous little guys being posed for his shoot.

Part of the special magic of newborn shoots, is just how very tiny these babies are, how small they are that they tuck into your hands. Babies grow oh so very quickly. I wish newborn shoots had been available when I had my babies. I still can’t believe just how quickly the years fly by, my babies are now 26, 17 and 11, and one has a baby of her own. And I just can’t believe how time has flown, I actually regret not having more pictures with my family, at times I couldn’t afford photoshoots so can totally understand when families say they can’t afford a shoot, however now, I think my priorities have changed, when you maybe buy designer clothing, or have 2-3 pushchairs. Memories are very precious, if you can’t afford a newborn shoot, then snap away with your own camera, find a spot with good filtered light, and make sure you capture those moments. It really does go by in a blink! If you are interested in booking a shoot please find the link to my website BOOK A SESSION – ESSEX, SUFFOLK, LONDON AND CAMBRIDGE NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER