Child & baby limited edition Christmas photos Essex -Suffolk

Child & baby limited edition Christmas photos Essex -Suffolk

Beautiful Christmas photoshoots of gorgeous babies and children It’s that most wonderful time of the year, I LOVE Christmas! I’m offering one set of very limited edition baby photography on the darker wood backdrop, with beautiful fairy lights. The...

Naughty Elf!

Excuse the iphone pictures taken in the dark, but we have a very naughty Elf back this year. She is just so badly behaved, but we just love her. And love waking up to the mischief she causes!

Breastfeeding Mum’s

I thought I would share this wonderful organisation, providing invaluable support to breastfeeding Mum’s, especially those struggling. To find out more information contact F.A.B.

WHY are photographers SO expensive!?

Oh no! Another photographer whinging about people not understanding pricing!I was prompted to write this post after someone I knew a bit, called my pricing ridiculous. I was a bit miffed and indeed felt very insulted at the time, that she couldn’t see that I...