I was delighted to travel to Bury St Edmunds to meet this gorgeous little family. Mum and Dad consider them brother and sister, their pets are very much their family. Of course safety is always a priority with newborns and so Adeline was photographed separately to Gary, and then the photograph was merged. As with all newborn shoots a hand is always on baby when baby is in a prop and then photoshopped out. 

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This pink flokati with the dreamcatcher from Kittys Boutique who make the vast majority of my headbands and newborn outfits and sitter sets and of course their incredible tulle skirts and tops. Baby is photographed on a huge beanbag covered in blankets or flokatis and is always perfectly safe, again if a baby is propped up in any way then a hand will be in place and there will be posing pads rolled up underneath to support babies head, feet or back to ensure they won’t suddenly roll backwards.

And as always baby cuddled up with a tiny teddy bear is a very firm favourite with my newborn clients. Occasionally we use a different animal and some parents have themed their sitter session and then cake smash to include rabbits or bears. Each shoot is different whether I’m photographing a child or baby or family. The sessions are carefully planned with the families tastes in mind and their opinions on poses and colours. This shoot lasted just over 2 hours, I always find if the parents are chilled and happy to sit back and enjoy the beauty of their newborn then it makes a very smooth session, and most families are very at ease by the time of their shoot as I address their concerns beforehand. Parents can often get quite emotional watching the session and seeing just how tiny their perfect little person is that they have nurtured and grown over the months, it’s a whirlwind after you give birth, emotions on a rollercoaster, a constant stream of well wishers and this new little person dependant on your for their safety and wellbeing. A newborn shoot is a wonderful time to kick back and sip your tea or coffee and let someone safely handle your child and create beautiful images to remember for life, it really is no lie how quickly they change. It literally seems like a blink and it’s gone. I always feel so incredibly honoured to capture families precious memories. I am drifting a little more into more lifestyle shoots with my sessions now if I go to a families home, and am very lucky my years of experience give me so much versatility at being able to switch from documentary photography, to lifestyle and the more posed newborn images of this session. It also helps me stop from getting bored! I would hate to do the same thing day in and day out like a production line, I think that’s why I’m so keen to listen to clients and what they would like from their photography session.

I love creating unique art pieces for families and as you can see from my guestbook and feedback on my Facebook page . Families really enjoy the session and just catching their breath to drink in the beauty of this little piece of perfection. One thing for sure is life will never ever be the same!
And what did Gary think of it all? I’ll leave you with his thoughts on his photoshoot!