At home newborn shoot Ipswich – family with new baby and cat.

This beautiful family had a newborn shoot at their home in Ipswich so their furbaby cat could be included in the family photos. Their cat was so friendly and really well trained, as always including animals in family photoshoots is always done safely and usually as a composite which means the images are merged together in photoshop. I loved meeting this gorgeous family – the love for their cat and new baby was palpable, such an honour to be asked to take their photos.

I’m often asked if the quality of the images will be affected with an at home photoshoot, or better in studio, and generally there is no difference at all as I’m so used to working in all kinds of spaces and situations and been a photographer for so so long now (30 years) so you can trust I know what I’m doing and consistently deliver perfect images of your most precious moments of your new baby. There are sometimes exceptions if maybe it is a little too small to work in or you want backlit images of family but that is discussed when you book in.