This gorgeous little family came back to bring the newest baby along for her newborn photos and some family images. I’ve photographed the oldest from a few months.

At this point towards the end of the shoot, one or two maybe have had enough, we still managed to get this gorgeous image of them all together. It’s beautiful in colour, but in black and white your attention is drawn to all their faces and expressions. I would personally love a photograph like this of my own children, their bond, their emotions, their cheeky little personalities. I literally got 5 shots and then baby started crying. Most families travel to me from Essex, Cambridge and London, and obviously Suffolk. 
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Daisy was safely perched on the beanbag in my Suffolk studio for this shot. I actually made this chair myself for another shoot, and covered it in Reindeer Moss which was quite a laborious (and stinky) process. However it was worth it, it then got dragged along on another shoot with my daughter, but was photographed separately too to make a digital backdrop which I can now use. The English weather is rarely good enough to photograph a newborn naked outside and had she been placed upon the chair a hand would have been in place and edited out as it would have been unsafe. I love this image, I love incorporating the stunning outdoors and nature into shoots if I can, and especially lucky most people book in for their newborn shoots and like my creative style and will give me free rein to produce something artistic.

Little cat! I’ve had the cat and newborn cat hat for a while but hadn’t had a chance to use them so I was very happy they got to come out. Hat by the incredibly talented Grandma Joyce’s Little Knits.

This shot is becoming one of my most requested images on a newborn shoot. I’ve been collecting these little bears for a few years now (I think they average about £50 for a tiny little jointed bear), and I’m always adding to my hat collection.

Believe it or not by the end of the shoot, Mum was a little stressed (you can’t tell from this picture), whereas I’m so used to photographing larger families and boisterous children I’m very confident of getting the shot. Baby Daisy was an absolute dream and the best part Mum adores her images of her gorgeous family.