I found an absolute gem of a felted hat maker in America, and went from ordering one set to a few, this shoot has been in my head forever, but sadly as with a lot of my shoots, what I imagine, isn’t always out there i.e. the props I need to use e.t.c. Finding someone to make something in my imagination isn’t an easy task! But I have found the amazing Chelsie and she really is so talented and so lovely – the link to her Fb page is here PUDDY PAD DESIGNS, the link to her Etsy shop is ETSY PUDDY PAD DESIGNS.
And so here is part 1, I think I will be working on these all for a while, I want to compile a whole set of images using different babies and different styling. I do love how this has turned out, time seems to be the thing I’m battling, obviously with a normal model call it’s a hour shoot maybe, but a whole different ballgame with babies, I’ve photographed my Cheshire Cat already (and she smiled), so will be working on my next image later this week – the white rabbit. It’s so exciting to actually be photographing something creative for me, I think it is so important to make time, it feeds inspiration.

I cant’ wait to complete the set and put it all together, but for now I will leave you with this little sleepy Mad Hatter.
As always, Mum had her hand on babies head, supporting him so there was no risk of him falling or injury, baby safety comes first!