A quick guide to choosing the best newborn photographer for your family.

If you’ve just discovered you’re pregnant or already given birth it’s worth taking the time to research who the best newborn photographer will be for you. I’ve compiled a short concise list of things to look for from your perfect photographer, and it will give you a guide on the questions to ask.

  1. EXPERIENCE: Look for a photographer that specialises in photographing newborns and is both safe and familiar in handling delicate little new babies safely whilst capturing their unique little features.
  2. PORTFOLIO: Do check out a photographers portfolio to see if you like their creativity and quality. And that their work is something you would want to display on the wall of your home.
  3. SAFETY: Safety is the top priority – babies should always be safe, in the photographers portfolio does it show examples of composite work (where baby would not be safe and so hands are photoshopped out to give you a perfect image of your baby perched in a basket or in frog pose e.t.c. where they wouldn’t be safe unless it was a composite).
  4. RECOMMENDATIONS: Reading reviews on Google and asking around. Do factor in that some people are purely governed by price if you’re asking for recommendations on Facebook, or a photographer could have a vast amount of friends providing reviews, back up recommendations by then checking out the photographers work and their safety. 
  5. RAPPORT: Choose a photographer that makes you feel comfortable, that you feel welcome and listened to, a good photographer will be able to answer any questions you have and take on board your preferences for your photoshoot, most importantly you need to feel that you have a connection with someone that will listen and gauge both you and your babies needs.
  6. PRICING AND PACKAGES: Consider the pricing structure and what is included in packages, it is worth asking for a full price list to check there aren’t any hidden catches, are you going to be asked back to a viewing session where you may feel more obliged/pressured into spending more than you want. Do you want the big studio experience where they sell to you, or do you want a more intimate quiet experience in a small or at home studio space where you aren’t rushed and view your session in a gallery – all things to consider.
  7. AVAILABLITY: Photographers generally like to take shoots of babies at 14 to 21 days or under. Some won’t photograph older babies, some may and have images in their portfolio if you’ve missed the boat and still want newborn style images of an older baby curled up in all those gorgeous sleepy poses. I for example book due dates into my diary leaving room to reschedule. Check out how your chosen photographer works.
  8. ADDITONAL SERVICES. If having prints, albums or beautiful wall art is important check whether the studio you are using offers additional products.

By considering these factors and doing some light research you will be able to choose a newborn photographer who meets your expectations and creates beautiful memories of your sweet little newborn baby. Most importantly – enjoy your newborn session – they change so so fast and it’s such a precious time to treasure.

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