This gorgeous family come from my home village of Polstead which is situated just 4 miles from Hadleigh and 10 minutes drive from Ipswich, visited me in the studio, I had a run of boys this week, but this was the only big brother of the week, getting older siblings to help hold their new siblings is often quite tricky and you do have to gauge whether a child is old enough and responsible enough to have baby laying in their arms, I usually can get the trickiest customers to give me a beautiful smile and get the sibling photograph, parents are always on hand at the side of the shot just in case. Sometimes a composite shot is necessary if the brother or sister is toddler age and having a bit of an adverse reaction to having a new family member, safety must and always will be a priority.


Some babies are more supple than others, and not only is the age of the baby taken into consideration during a newborn shoot, the older a newborn is, the more their bones start to harden. But also some babies naturally will curl into some positions better than others dependant on how they laid in the womb. When I position newborns I always take into account how they naturally bend and position and baby is never forced into a position that is not comfortable for them. I was so lucky to meet these beautiful boys, as you can see someone is very very proud of being the number one brother in the world!

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As baby was born around Easter time, Mum asked for an Easter theme if possible to the shoot, so I decided plain and simple is best, sometimes babies can be lost in props and too many other bits and pieces, so I went for a simple potato sack pose, where baby is wrapped and a cute felted bunny hat. Mum’s hands were photoshopped out of shot – he was never propped up by himself at any time, and he makes the cutest little bunny. I adore photographing little newborn babies, and rarely do I finish a session without capturing one of the best smiles in the world, a newborn smile! It may be wind, but it’s a glimpse of the laughter and giggles set to come as they grow and become their own person, I truly am blessed to do this job, I often have people drive a good 2-3 hours from London, luckily Essex is only about an hour away, and the other side of Suffolk is an hour and a half. However I do travel to people for newborn shoots also. Parents often book at their 20 week scan to ensure they have a gap ready for when their new little family member arrives.