Well, its been –  a year, working, trying to build my own business, (year 20 working as a photographer for other people), I have come on so much, learnt so so much. I wish I could take credit for it all, unfortunately, actually thinking about it, I am incredibly lucky to have had some thoroughly fantastic friends to push me. And yes its just started to bear fruit, I have 3 pictures selling with Getty more to sort paperwork on, and Vogue have contacted me about their Christmas edition, I would after whooping around the lounge get a bit bigheaded but as its been a struggle to this point, I am resolutely keeping my feet firmly on the ground, and hey, when you think your 13 year old will be impressed at the mention of Vogue, and they say “Who”?  That certainly is enough to keep you grounded.

Who knows where I will be next year, life is very short. I hope I make my family proud, I kind of realise that the more I work the more I don’t spend time with them, you see all the post about the percentage of time photographers spend, I spend every waking moment, editing and trying to keep up with updating my website, I eat, sleep, dream, photography, it is my passion, and my life, if you are thinking of booking a photographer and think they are expensive, don’t underestimate just how much time a fantastic photographer dedicates to making something you will love, it doesn’t end with just clicking a shutter.
Would I be here without support, probably not, so for all of you who has heard me moan about people booking maybe not realising the quality of my work, or the hours I spend or a whats the point, thank you, because I would not be anything without quite a few kicks to the derriere from all of you, I am living the dream! I am living the dream very poorly, but doing what I love, and that makes me incredibly lucky x