Waiting on the snow to fall so I can get outside, I have so many ideas for a special snow shoot! Hopefully it will combine with my 7 year old wanting to comply! 

For anyone looking at my pricing, I have just put my prices up slightly, I am sure you have seen many posts about photographers paying out for this and that and training, and getting a fair wage. I certainly am not the most expensive, and I am not the cheapest. I usually spend a week to 14 days editing a whole one hour session. Some photographers put 50 images up, some put them all up, my disk price includes over 100 fully edited images. And I do devote a lot of time and love to perfecting those images for my clients, so hopefully if you are a potential client looking at my work, you will take the time to flick through and see just how much work I put in to making photos beautiful. I could run countless discounted mini sessions, but frankly I don’t want to rush peoples work and turn out mass produced photographs – thats just me! And I am not knocking anyone who does mini sessions, I will do the odd day throughout the year, and I feel there is a market for photographers whose pricing is cheaper, I am sure there is a photographer out there for everyone, you just need to find the one whose work you fall in love with.