I LOVE what I do! It shows in my work, you can see the composite images if a baby is perched in my studio looking like it is sleeping beautifully you can guarantee, there is a hand under the bottom, or holding the head, I cannot state enough – the reasons you go to a professional are because they have the experience to look after your baby. The reasons I don’t do one hour newborn shoots are you just can’t rush, if I was rushing to take as many photographs as possible, then I may take shortcuts, and I just don’t, a newborn shoot takes 3-5 hours. And then there is the editing, the cleaning and washing of blankets. I spend hours and hours making each shoot perfect, this is why I don’t charge £20! Would you? I know there are plenty of people out there who snap some shots off and burn them to disk for £60. And thats great, some people are happy with that, however when you pay me for my time, you get above and beyond that, I am not just a photographer, I am an artist, I produce fine art images of your family, and I pour a little bit of my heart and soul into every image I take.