I’ve been reading what the latest changes will be to our rules concerning Covid, and can see that we will have a relaxation in rules concerning the wearing of face masks.

On each studio shoot day I am up and cleaning my studio and everything that will be touched by parents or newborns by 6am ready for a 10.30am shoot, and have done my utmost to keep my studio safe for parents and babies alike. I cannot comfortably continue to photograph newborns without continuing to wear a mask when changes come in place. I realise this is unpopular with some adults being made to wear a mask but I have already made changes in my business in the view of climate change to encourage more local people to use me for their shoots by introducing a mileage allowance past a set distance as I frequently worked in London, I believe we all need to be accountable for our future generations wellbeing. I also cannot foresee a time I would feel comfortable not wearing a mask when there is a virus circulating that has the ability to mutate to potentially overcome vaccines, and make people very ill or cause death. I do realise amongst younger people that most young people don’t get very sick, but I do really care, and there will be other studios out there that won’t require the wearing of masks and that’s fine if you prefer this – you can use them. This photographic studio will be following WHO guidelines and trying to protect anyone that comes into my studio. I realise mask wearing is a contentious issue but my head and heart can’t continue to hold precious little babies close when potentially I could harm one by not wearing a mask. I hope if you are a potential client you will understand I just want to protect the little people and families that use my service. Children are not expected to wear a mask and if you are being photographed obviously you wouldn’t wear one and I will be following my extensive cleaning regime, using my QR check in and undertaking lateral flow tests on the day of your shoot.